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The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you recognize the significance of expanding your business. You’ve put years of work into your business.

You’ve invested your time, money and sanity into building something great. However, you’re stuck. Feeling uncertain and stressed about how to proceed.

Despite having the will, funds, and access to all the necessary resources, you’re struggling to take another step due to a fear of failure and “what if’s” in your mind.

Or you’re ready but don’t know how to start or take that next leap.

Let’s make that great business idea a reality.

I understand how you feel.

Being in an unfamiliar place as an entrepreneur, we all experience it. It’s just that some had their way of doing shortcuts. Some have a guide to making their path clearer and more realistic.

Sometimes you may wish to borrow the mind of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, or any business professionals for a day or two. 

As a business owner myself, I understand what you’re going through. I’ve faced similar situations many times before in my life.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to build three successful businesses, and I’m here to share everything you need to know to achieve success.

The Number 1 Thing I See Holding People Back from Succeeding in Business 

I’ve spent nearly two decades in the business world and seen countless entrepreneurs fail. What separates them from those who succeed? In my experience, the number one thing that keeps entrepreneurs from succeeding is clarity.


The Leap2Growth Online Business Coaching Program


This is why I created a surefire strategy that I know will work for most businesses (let’s chat to discuss it). A business coach can help you!

It provides a complete system for developing clarity, confidence and control over your business. I will give you the system, the right habit, and the mindset.

Then we’ll go to the technical part. We’ll assess if you have a successful online presence, audience, engagement, and market analytics of your specific niche. 

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Confidence and Self-Worth Blockades

The Leap2Growth Coaching Program is not just about business but also about personal development. We will break through your confidence and self-worth blockades so you can make decisions aligned with your purpose.

I’ll show you how to be focused and intentional in your actions and keep going even when times get tough.

I’m here to guide you as I vow to help more industry leaders run a business, not just the proper way, but make a successful and sustainable long-term business

Your Work Will Only Go as Deep as You Do - Grow Your Business

Want business success? Personal growth is key. Invest in yourself with education and coaching. Attend leadership coaching, and networking events, read, join Facebook groups, watch, listen, and learn.

Business coaching works with your coach’s guidance, feedback, and accountability! Coaching offers different programs applicable for a new business. Keep growing to achieve long-term success.

The Benefits of Business Coaching and Mentoring for Busy Entrepreneurs - Effective Strategies

The Leap2Growth Coaching’s Signature Program can be tailored to fit your business needs, no matter how busy you are. We don’t just give a step-by-step guide. We show all our techniques and how it’s done, in actuality, to you, removing the self-doubt in the equation.

I also understand that entrepreneurs need flexible schedules, and I’m here to provide the accountability and structure necessary for success.

There has been considerable research that shows people with access to coaches tend to perform better and succeed more.

Coaching can help business owners stay on track, evaluate progress, adjust as needed and provide mentorship tailored to their needs. The secret sauce to business and life balance.

You’ll find a safe space where you can work on yourself and gain clarity about the direction of your business. I’m here to help you develop processes that serve you and your business.

We can focus on everything from organizational efficiency to developing a clear vision for your company’s future.

You’ll be pushed to think more strategically about your business, which will help you convert more leads, funnel customers, and ultimately increase profit margins.

Finally, as a business coach for entrepreneurs, I’m here to provide guidance and support 24/7 until you successfully scale your current business and finally hit your goal and desired outcomes.

What I need to be able to support your business growth - best business coaching services

 I know you’re a smart boss with great Leadership skills. You recognize the importance of getting help when needed. It’s okay if you don’t have all the answers. That’s where I can assist. You’re showing your excellent leadership skills by recognizing your limitations and working with a coach.

You are fearless and ambitious! You’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve and innovate. We’re not afraid to try new things and always go for the best possible option.

Let’s face it, building a successful business takes time and effort. You should be realistic with your expectations. Please know that this isn’t a sprint but a marathon. But because we focus on measurable results, we’ll make sure you see progress.

Trust and honesty are essential to a great working relationship. Even if it’s tough, we must tell each other the truth to achieve positive growth. A true transparency and openness as partners. I hold these values dearly and expect you to do the same.

So, check on my Proven Blueprint by contacting me, and see for yourself if it’s purposeful to you and a right fit.

Transform Your Business with a Proven Blueprint for Your Business Success

Here is a sneak peek of the steps we’ll process throughout this online coaching:

  • Grab the free initial business coaching with me.

  • Discuss and have actionable advices and business goals from the private coaching.

  • See drastic changes in your mindset and long term goal setting

  • Have a weekly meeting to realign goals, assess progress and roadblocks, and learn from failures.

  • Get clear answers about anything concerning your business.

  • Have the Leap2Growth team take over your online marketing efforts, or we will teach you how to do it exactly how we do it.

  • We will work together as business partners, creating a professional but caring environment for you and your team that will last long. Allowing you to obtain a sustainable business for years.

  • Set realistic goals together and take action steps each week to achieve them faster.

  • Get lifetime perks on the valuable resource given to you online.

Is it fairly easy? It’s not! But you can trust me. We will make it easier for you, join our entrepreneur coaching. All I need is your commitment to the process and dedication to making it happen.

Let’s get started today. Download this Book now and enroll in our Business Coaching Academy – which is full of online courses and resources for you!

How to collaborate with an online business coach? 

  • First, research and find the best business coach with experience and expertise in your industry or niche. Auden Dery has hands-on experience in almost all business niches, with strict mind setting and discipline.

  • Set clear goals and expectations for the coaching relationship from the beginning. Be honest about what you hope to achieve and your challenges. One of the best ways to collaborate effectively with a coach is to clearly understand your expectations.

  • Develop a plan with your coach that outlines specific steps and timelines for reaching your goals. This plan should be flexible and adjusted as needed.

  • Communicate regularly with your coach through scheduled calls, emails, or messaging. Be responsive to their feedback and guidance.

  • Be open-minded and willing to try new approaches and strategies your coach suggests. Remember, they are there to help you grow and succeed.

  • Take responsibility for your progress and accountability. Your coach is there to support and guide you, but ultimately it’s up to you to take action and make changes in your business.

  • Evaluate your progress regularly and be honest with your coach about what’s working and what’s not. Use this feedback to adjust your plan and approach as needed.

  • Finally, be prepared to invest time, effort, and resources into the coaching relationship. Working with a business coach can be a valuable investment in your business and yourself, but it requires commitment and dedication.

I’m excited to see you succeed! Because I’ve witnessed firsthand how the business succeeds. Business coaching helps multiple small business owners and even experienced business owners.

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Being an entrepreneur is a rewarding experience. It is hard, will test your limits, and will question your self-worth and confidence. However, if you feel stuck or need help as a solopreneur or entrepreneur, I am here to help you achieve success.

Let me guide you into a more successful business, thriving in this new digital age. 

Let’s double your bottom line in this thriving and new digital age.